Project Description

Secondary Schools

Engage is passionate about spending time in Secondary Schools and Woking College, where we have the opportunity to meet and connect with students and staff. Our aim is to share and explain the Christian faith through building relationships, discussion, exploring the Bible and its history, whilst also exploring what it means to be a Christian today.

Our school workers are supported by a dedicated team of Youth Workers, clergy and interns from Woking churches. Our activities in Secondary Schools include:

Wellbeing Support

The wellbeing work we do in schools enables us to journey with young people at more vulnerable and challenging times of their life. We do this through having a dedicated team who mentor young people referred by the school, meeting with them regularly, supporting them emotionally and mentally.

Christian Union

Our team run Christian Unions both lunchtime and after school groups. CU is a dedicated place where young people of all faiths (and none) and Christians from different backgrounds can come together to explore the Bible and what it means to them today. It is a place for individuals to grow and to live out their faith. It’s not all about teaching; it’s about conversations, fun and friendships.

Detached in Schools

This supports the group work and front-line work we do on a weekly basis. It provides us, students, and staff the space and opportunity to connect in a more open and informal way at lunch or break times. This could be anything from playing games to talking about sports, current affairs and anything else that may be concerning them. Detached in schools is essential to the work of Engage and a great way of building trusting relationships informally.