Project Description

Our Aims

  • To explore fresh ways to convey the Christian message by word and by action in a way that is relevant to our varied audience in the school community and school programmes.

  • To enable every member of the school community to encounter the Gospel, communicated appropriately by situation and context.


  • To engage every member of the school community in exploring the Gospel so that they can investigate it, interact with it and see how others deal with it, whatever their level of faith.

  • To encourage and support staff and students in their lives within their school community.

  • To energise local Churches by partnering with them to develop their own sustainable links with schools.

  • To work within existing school activities and the curriculum, remaining respectful of the aims and values of each school community to ensure that the Christian Gospel is taught accurately and imaginatively.

  • To be pioneers and a leading example of schools work (as an associate trust of  Scripture Union) in the wider SU network and beyond.